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Blorp! A Fun Weird Little Font! Rar ((INSTALL)) ⭕

Blorp! A Fun Weird Little Font! Rar ((INSTALL)) ⭕



Blorp! A Fun Weird Little Font! Rar

It was a Lakotaur, the race of Gumspinne, back in 2000. And now I’m completely happy!

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Concerning this version of Blorp I’ll just comment that some changes are in progress, but there’s nothing really important (except that I’ve removed the license text), as it’s now available for free.

But, back to the subject at hand: Ever made that mistake and felt like you needed a different font for that one last bit, or you simply wanted to experiment with a different accent or character? It’s not so easy, but I’ve come across a resource that’s got a lot of what you might be looking for.

Im actually going to steal this idea and turn it into a real puzzle, where you have to try and get the ball to the correct page of the Blorp text to get the ball to unlock the correct page when its time to go.

How do you make a texture with this guy in it?
I am actually just curious, the mould used to make it looks almost like the original male torso. I am just curious, as it is a oddity in the making.

If you look at the textures here..

-> http://blorp.hatena.ne.jp/picture/1070772288.jpg

-> http://blorp.jp/picture/1070772615.jp/picture/1070776062.jpg

He doesnt get changed at all, does he? Then I assume the answer is no.
The torso is just the orb and the rest are variations on it. The zomp isn’t the original. I got the same confusion over the colors because he is yellow on his baldo and blue on the zomp.

every time i try to get back into the fandom i get a little lost in the whole bionicle canon. my dad introduced me to the series but i don’t remember much about it. i was curious about the whole universe and i still remember the day when i saw the series for the first time on cartoon network. i was blown away by the whole thing.
this is an awesome font! it is for, “my little pony: friendship is magic”, and “rainbow dash”, is an awesome comic book character from the show and they did a blast. i would like to have a awesome font for my little pony: friendship is magic comic books.
this looks really cool, and i’m happy to see work being done on fonts that are more current. i’ve been itching to try out m-theory, papyrus, and game science, but i’ve been hesitant to spend the time i know i’ll need to do the necessary tweaking to get them to work properly on my computer. as a result, i’ve only tried out the older stuff.
it’s good to see quaristice back, as it’s one of the best fonts in recent memory. this is a bit of a sad time because a lot of the great fonts of the mid-2000s seem to have been lost to time, but thankfully quaristice looks like it has some great potential, and perhaps even a little surprise.
love it. i have been on the hunt for a better font for my comics for a long time, and this one really nails it for me. this is an excellent font for use in comics, and i would really like to see more fonts like this come around. i am really digging the phrase-structure in it too!
wemwem said:with the update just around the corner, i took the time to make the bionicle series logos in the font. its called “bionicle” and you can download it at the link below. also included are the logos for the new faction/nation/race/race/thing: serenity. you can see that it uses the letters from the bionicle font. if you see something funny or strange in the images, i’d love to hear about it.wemwem, thank you! i really appreciate the feedback, and i am glad you like it!if you want to make a bigger or more detailed set of bionicle logos, then i do have a cricut machine that i would love to use (because i also love bionicle) and would be happy to send you the files.if you want to send me an email, please include your twitter username. i’d love to see who’s made the most interesting submissions!








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