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HyperMotion is presented as an evolution of the previous, more granular, “Ultimate Motion Tech” added in FIFA 21. The accuracy and quality of the new animation technology and the detail it has added has been variously praised by players and the media.

“HyperMotion is a huge leap forward in every way,” says FIFA editor Aaron Eplin. “We’ve taken all that Ultimate Motion Tech has done and improved it even more and then we’ve added to that significant improvements to player collisions as well.”

Some of the more significant refinements and additions to the game mechanics are:


Within each players’ various kits and colors, we’ve changed the design of the player items, and now look more realistic. Every player has several items which change both visibly and meaningfully depending on their team and performance. This will provide more guidance and sense of progression as the player gets more experienced, earns more achievements, or levels up. We’ve also added more items to give more detail to the player’s apparel. For example, the player’s socks will change with their team when they earn more privileges, and the back of their shorts will change shape depending on how much they train.


Interplay between players as they run towards the ball – this is handled through our new, physical, interactive player cues. In both the console and PC versions of the game, the player is now able to “see through his mates” and read the activities of his opponents. If a player runs past a teammate, he will be able to see the position of that teammate and if they’re going to attempt to block or pass to the player who has moved away from them.

“Player Cues adds a new layer to the way players are perceived,” says Eplin. “Players no longer have to read their mate’s intentions. We’ve added another level to the interplay between players.”


The ball is the most important aspect of the game, and we’ve made important changes to it. The real-life physics now help deliver the full impact of the ball into the hands of the player. The surface of the ball now reacts more realistically to contacts,


Features Key:

  • Re-engineered player models
  • High-resolution player models optimized for next-generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One)
  • An all-new ball physics system
  • New player movements
  • All-new Frostbite lighting engine to bring the game world to life
  • New player animations and player ratings
  • All-new integration system and gameplay mechanics
  • Referees refreshed and more realistic with all-new animations
  • New CPU opponent strategy
  • Improved grass simulation
  • Visible and weather effects
  • Improved gameplay with all-new polish, polish options
  • Intel XDK Engine for more depth, immersion and control of next-generation consoles.
  • Graphical updates for the overall match experience
  • Improved goalkeeper AI
  • New preloading system with better match times
  • New goalscoring animations and decisions
  • All new tracking methodologies for next generation’s motion-tracking capabilities
  • Improved ball movement and control
  • All-new intelligence system
  • Improved free kicks mechanics & simulation
  • Incredible online connectivity and matchday experience
  • 360 exclusive play and online challenge modes


Fifa 22

Powered by Football lets you experience the incredible, authentic emotion of playing football as never before, created by expert teams at EA Canada and DICE, as well as a new engine, new features and improved game flow.

The new Advanced Player Physics engine is built from the ground-up, and includes a unique tackling system and dynamic ball physics. It makes the ball react realistically to the player’s actions off the ball, delivering goals from open play just like in real life. Coupled with player deformation, easier positioning, and more realistic ball behaviour, all result in a unique game experience like no other.

FIFA 22 will be available in the autumn for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. To celebrate the announcement, we’re inviting you to get behind the scenes with the latest gameplay from EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 to find out what happens when you combine the tried-and-tested features of FIFA with a new engine and brand new, ground-up gameplay.

Check out the latest FIFA 22 gameplay from our partners at EA Canada and DICE below, as well as our new ‘Football Moments’ series of concept videos to bring you even closer to the game.

New user experience

Mental preparation

Slower tempos

Striker’s strength

Improved ball physics

Tackle physics

More ball rotation

New animation system

Ball behaviours

Shorter passes

Midfielder overloading

Closer foot positions

New ball physics

More stamina

FIFA 16 – the most authentic football simulation of all time was also the most improved

If you want to see the highlights from FIFA 16, watch our ‘FIFA 16 Behind the scenes.’

FIFA 22 builds on the gameplay refinements of FIFA 16 to deliver more realistic, intuitive and fun gameplay, and a more connected soccer experience. Packed with new features, and a ground-up overhaul of the engine, this is the FIFA you’ve been waiting for.

New team features

The new game engine has been built to deliver new team features in FIFA 22. Teams will take on the roles of their real-life counterparts, from the stars of the team to the role players. For example, look out for the new Togolese midfielders – ‘Togolese Spiderman’ in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 will be running the show from


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FUT continuously adds new superstars, cards, kits and much more to FIFA’s legendary Ultimate Team. If you desire to have the best team on the pitch, dominate online with your favorite clubs, or strive to create an unmatched collection, then make your opponents say, “Damn!” With FIFA Ultimate Team, the limits are endless.

Mobile – FIFA Ultimate Team –
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Experience the ultimate FIFA online community. Register your account to access exclusive features such as the live scoreboard, match stats, and instant replays to help you analyze a game.

Update your livescore and compete with others around the world and follow football teams with news, competitions, player information, as well as match results and highlights from around the world.

Earn points and compete with friends and other players in a series of challenges. Rewards await the top players.

Nurture your club and earn valuable bonus rewards by becoming a top fundraiser across a variety of competitions.

Connect with friends and fans through an exciting and original social network. Follow clubs from all over the world and their players, as well as create new clubs and compete in competitions.

Interact with other players in various ways. To join a clan, find a partner, or create a friendly match in FIFA, make sure you have connected with the right people in the community.

Compete in a wide variety of exciting online events. From global tournaments to FIFA challenges, there is no more fun you can find online than a live competition with just you and your favorite game.

The FIFA World Cup returns to Brazil this summer. Compete in the official FIFA World Cup app.

Tackle the World Cup qualifiers from nine countries across the world.



What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New cameras and broadcast settings to bring gamers closer to the intense atmosphere of the booth.
  • Enhanced match re-creation; more penalty kicks; goal celebrations and player movements.
  • New soft tema based on the “FIFA Around the World” soundtrack.
  • Global broadcasting enhancements including: changing camera angles, zoom, macro and knock-outs.
  • New stats “Gravity Assist” to improve player efficiency. Add new boots for your wingers and strikers.
  • New Focus and Blur effects to give players a more realistic and accurate sensation in the air.
  • New interplay animations and improvements to players’ movements during the game.
  • New rag-doll animation for players to make diving and body-checking possible on defenders.
  • New player awareness modes including: Blindside, Double Collision and Double Trouble
  • New Ball Physics improve ball control, such as making players behave differently to the ball based on the speed.
  • New physics engine which provides increased responsiveness and physicality. All the movements of real players is described by the game engine.
  • Increased squad player substitution. Players can now bring in full-backs, wingers and goalkeepers from other teams to play them.
  • New Dynamic Play. Decisions now have consequences, while based on skill and player attributes. New set-pieces and penalties can now be called depending on the running characteristics of the specific players. These decisions can influence the flow of play. A mix of smart decisions and good execution in quick challenges can bring big results.
  • New crowd-sourced data to match in more detail and more realistically. Players can now receive team-specific instructions while playing in the hardest opposition stadium in the world. The crowd can now influence your tactics, substitutions and tactics.
  • Over 140 stadiums returning to FIFA 22. Run and jump over barriers as you drive the lane to the stadium. Identify and escape with attacks in a T-shirt and shorts and play with more freedom than ever before.
  • Now till the end of the game, players can’t defend a certain match


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    Adrian was excited to get the little present but what is it? What can he do with it? What are the different actions? How should he learn how to use it? This is a lot to take in, with all that glowing content on the device, and it can be hard to learn.

    FIFA came out on Friday, at 11am. It was good timing. My friend was able to find out early enough to be an official reviewer, and he was told to give me the device for the next week, but with strict instructions on how to use it: namely, to not share with any other friends, family members or children and not to show him on Facebook.

    This was going to be a big week for Adrian. Friday was the opening day of Secondary School. It’s the new school year, which is a big deal for any secondary-school aged kid. The thing is, you have to be old enough to have your own computer, tablet or phone and be able to buy the game. If you’re not old enough yet, you have to wait until the following October before the new game comes out.

    Needless to say, the pressure was mounting. Adrian needed to learn how to use the new device and the game, and he needed to do it on the day of the launch. Most kids’ parents will go to work at 8am on the Friday, and that was it. He had to do it all by himself.

    Our play sessions were not smooth, to say the least. It would start with him being excited and not knowing what to do, and then he would give up. Then he would point the device in any direction, drop it, and cry. I kept telling him it was OK, that he was getting better at it, that it would come to him over time. But he was very worried, and confused.

    “Mommy, I want to play football, please! Can you show me how?!”

    It was too soon, I know, but he was getting so obsessed with the game, it almost felt as if he was in his own little world. He just needed a bit more time to grow up a bit and get used to everything. But it was all in vain. He could play football all day, and it would never satisfy him. He was starting to show signs of depression too, and by the time I came home, I could see that he was having a hard


    How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

    • 1.

    Select the game to activate the crack.

    • 2.

    Set a keygen password if prompted.

    • 3.

    Start the game and play!

    System Requirements:

    • Processor: 1.2GHz or faster
    • Operating System: minimum of Windows XP SP2
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
    • Hard Disk space: 2 GB free space


    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
    Processor: Intel or AMD processor with at least 1.86 GHz of speed and at least 1 GB of RAM
    Screen Resolution: 1024×768
    CD-R/RW Drive: 40 GB
    DVD-RW Drive: 40 GB
    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 Pro
    Processor: Intel or AMD processor with at least 1.86 GHz of speed and at least 1 GB of RAM







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