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How to Play Simple Playing Cards

How to Play Simple Playing Cards

Playing cards are one of the most popular cards, and are widely used in games. Even though many people know what playing cards are, there are also many who don’t know how to play playing cards. Yes, because there are many types of games that can be played with playing cards.

However, basically there is a way to play playing cards that has been played for a long time. The way to play playing cards is very simple, and is really suitable for beginners to play. Apart from how to play playing cards, there are also rules for playing cards that you can know before playing.

So, for KLovers who want to know how to play playing cards properly. So here is an easy and simple way to play playing cards and is really suitable for you beginners. Come on, just check it out.

What are Playing Cards?

Before you know how to play playing cards, you beginners need to know first what playing cards are. Yes, playing cards are a game tool full of tactics and luck. However, playing cards are actually a game of winning and losing without risking anything, click here.

But as time progressed, playing cards were introduced as components or tools used for gambling. The origin of playing cards has been the subject of long debate. However, most agree that playing cards originate from China.

This opinion is based on the paper used for playing cards. In ancient times, the only country that had paper printing was China, that was the basis of thinkers, that playing cards came from China and that the people who introduced them were the Chinese.

Playing Cards Rules

Then, before you decide to play playing cards. So you need to know the rules for playing playing cards. Yes, knowing the rules of the game is one way to play playing cards correctly. If you already know the rules, then you can create a strategy from the start of playing until the game progresses. And here are the rules for playing playing cards:
1. This game is played by 2 to 4 players.

2. The game begins when the card deck is shuffled and the cards are distributed to each player.

3. Each player will get 7 cards at the beginning of the rummy game.

4. Then you must be able to make number cards of the same suit from 2 to 10 in at least three of the same row, (for example, 2 3 4 love cards, then J Q K or cards with the same card numbers such as 8 8 8 or K K K. For joker can be used to replace any number, that’s the specialty of the joker card.)

5. Cards containing numbers have a value of 5, J Q K cards have a value of 10 and US cards have a value of 15.

6. If the game ends, the value of the first session is calculated as the final total. Value can be minus.

7. Play this game in sessions so that there are players who have up to 1000 points.

8. If a player’s score is copied by another player, then the player who is overtaken’s score returns to zero “0”.

9. The Joker is a special card, because it can replace any card the player wants.

10. The use of the joker is not allowed in the first row.

11. If you get a joker, you must use it, because if you don’t use it, at the end of the game, the player will get minus 500.

12. If the player closes the game using the joker, he will get an additional 500 points.

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