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It turns out that Japan has unique and strange food recommendations, you know! Want to Try?

It turns out that Japan has unique and strange food recommendations, you know! Want to Try?

So far, you probably only know the same Japanese food. In fact, there are many unique and even strange foods in Japan. So, if you visit Japan, don’t miss trying these 18 unique foods.

Japan, a typical country of creativity and innovation located in the East Asia region, never runs out of ideas. Apart from being productive in the fields of animation, fashion, film and technology, he is also in the culinary field.

Doraemon’s home country is rich in typical and unique foods. Call it sushi, a food made from raw fish rolled in dried seaweed (nori) and vegetables. So, what are the unique foods? Here are 18 strange and unique Japanese foods. Stay tuned!

1. Ankimo (Monkfish liver)

The Japanese food known as ankimo is made from Monkfish liver or anko. Monkfish is steamed in sake (a typical Japanese alcoholic drink), then served with grated radish and chili (momiji-oroshi), thinly sliced green onions, and ponzu sauce.

2. Fried Axolotl

Have you ever heard of salamanders? Salamanders are actually amphibians. It looks like a fish, but has legs. Well, the axolotl is a species of salamander from Mexico which is also amphibious.

Axolotls are considered cute animals that are popular because they can be kept and smile. However, the fate of axolotls in Japan is that they are used as snacks in a shop in the Osaka area. Axolotl fried, served with basil leaves and udon. Fried axolotl per portion is 1,300 yen or Rp. 167,600.

3. Seafood Flavored Ice Cream

Seafood flavored ice cream? Really? That’s right, this ice cream does exist in Japan, specifically in the city of Saitama. This ice cream is served every May 9, coinciding with Ice Cream Day in the local area. On that day, related parties provided more than 100 types of ice cream of various flavors. Some of them offer unusual flavors.

4. Viper Flavored Ice Cream

If previously it was seafood flavored ice cream, now it is viper flavored. The viper or Japanese viper or mamushi is one of the most dangerous snake species. However, this snake is believed to have health benefits, to be precise, it is used as a passion-inducing medicine.

This ice cream was deliberately created to attract the attention of tourists, and can also provide a culinary sensation in Japan. According to consumer testimony quoted from Buzzfeed, this ice cream smells like old shoes that are rarely washed. Meanwhile it tastes like rotten garlic and cardboard.

5. Ice Cream with Raw Anchovies Topping

Ice cream is usually topped with chocolate, cheese, matcha, and so on. The point is to make the ice cream taste more delicious and delicious. It’s a different story if you top it with raw anchovies. Of course the taste is beyond what you imagined. And don’t forget to visit our site by click here

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