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Online Apps and Tools for Teaching

It is a valuable resource for teachers seeking online apps and tools to enhance their teaching practices. There are many free of charge apps with each one including their own specific features. In this regard, here is a list of 15 useful apps for teachers.

Schools these days make use of technology geraibunga.id more than ever before; in fact, for teachers, there are always more and more apps to download on their and their students’ mobile devices that are created specifically for educational purposes.

In the online stores and in particular, in those of Google Play and Apple store, there are many free-of-charge apps with each one including its own specific features. In this regard, here is a list of 15 useful apps for teachers.

1- Nearpod

The first app that proves ideal for livening up lessons, and made especially for teachers, is the one called Nearpod. This application allows teachers to present multimedia lessons that students can upload to their mobile devices. The Nearpod app is completely free and offers different layouts, which make it suitable for various teaching activities.

2 – Attendance

The third app that proves effective for teachers, who have an Android device, is the one called Attendance. Teachers can use it to draw up a list of attendance in their various classes and to help them keep track of the studies and classwork of each individual student. This app also allows a photo to be added to each name so that the teacher can better verify and follow the necessary information.

Audience response

3- Mentimeter

This online tool enables teachers to engage with students using live polls, word clouds, quizzes, multiple-choice questions, and more. So, it’s time to put the old folders and A4 papers aside and get out the smartphones and laptops. There are different memberships available, but it is possible to use Mentimeter for free on the website.

4 – AnswerGarden

With this free tool, teachers can ask their students a question that can be answered with a single word or short phrase. Responses are received through a web link, QR code, or AnswerGarden’s iOS app, and begin to populate on a display screen in a word cloud. The words that are submitted most often will appear as the largest in the cloud. This is a very handy tool to use for brainstorming activities with a group in the classroom.

5 – Slido

With Slido, students can submit questions through a regular web browser using a unique event code. Questions that appear on the presenter’s screen can be upvoted by other participants, moving the most popular questions to the top. Once a question has been answered, the presenter or teacher can remove it from the queue. Slido also offers audiences polling with multiple-choice and word cloud options.

Book publishing apps

6 -Blurb

This site helps teachers create photo books with text that use templates for a variety of book types: cookbooks, children’s books, portfolios, memoirs, magazines, and more. Books can be kept in digital form or purchased as a paperback, a hardcover, a magazine, or an e-book. Printed books are not cheap; save this for something special.

7 – Book Creator

This flexible tool allows students of any age to create e-books. These books can contain photos, text, audio and video files, and even hand-drawn images, which are embedded in content like Google Maps or Flipgrid grids. Finished books can be shared through a link, downloaded as an EPUB, or even sold through iBooks and Google Play. Teachers can create classroom libraries, and the site has tons of resources and ideas for classroom use.

8 – Lulu

For student writers who want to publish their works, print-on-demand sites like Lulu are growing in popularity. By using this tool, authors upload manuscripts, which they can sell in print or as e-books through markets like Amazon. Authors are not charged a fee to publish, but when a book sells, Lulu earns back the cost of production plus a percentage of the profit, with the author keeping the rest.

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