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Personal Lexicon 1.3.5 With Keygen X64

Personal Lexicon is a simple and effective Java application designed to help you improve your foreign language skills.
Using its handy edit and test features, you can quickly learn new vocabulary and grammar points or take a look at a different language using native English texts and learn something new.
There are four distinct functions in the program.
1. Create new words and vocabulary
2. Edit and test words
3. Dictionary lookup
4. Easy learning modes
Personal Lexicon can be used to create a vocabulary for a particular purpose, such as a user dictionary to study a foreign language, or as a plain English vocabulary for informal learning.
Personal Lexicon uses the same principle as the udacity platform: learners can create vocabulary without knowing anything about the language, then learn a specific word and then add it to a vocabulary for use later.
Personal Lexicon – official site

Icomo is a program that allows you to practice your Spanish for work or for play, it comes with a help file that provides information for Icomo users and suggestions for using the program.
A simple program
This program has a rather small user interface, which might prove a challenge for users who do not know how to use it.
To start using it, you need to click on the ‘Start Learning Spanish’ button. You are then allowed to select your language, country and then your preferred level of difficulty.
A help file
Icomo comes with a detailed help file that provides explanations of the different aspects of the program, a list of useful tools and a way to save all your work.
Icomo – official site

Spa Sentence Builder creates a learning environment that is similar to the one used in udacity’s platform. You are able to create a vocabulary and then practice using it to learn a new language.
A user-friendly program
You can use this program to help you learn Spanish at your own pace, because it provides you with plenty of practice resources. The first thing you need to do is to specify the language you want to learn. After this, you will be able to choose between Spanish or English and to find out the level of difficulty for each language. The program then generates a text that you can use to practice the language.
The interface of the program is rather clean and you can use it to create a vocabulary for a certain purpose, such as a user dictionary or a vocabulary for use in a school course.
A useful tool

Personal Lexicon 1.3.5 Crack+

To create custom lexicon items, use this tool.
1. Click on the “Add Words” button to get started.
2. Specify the source language by choosing one from the drop-down list.
3. Enter the words you want to add in the text input field.
4. Specify the pronunciation by clicking on the “Show pronunciation” button.
5. Specify the part of speech by clicking on the “Show part of speech” button.
6. Specify the definition by clicking on the “Show definition” button.
7. Specify the sample sentence and synonyms by clicking on the “Show samples” button.
8. Specify the antonyms by clicking on the “Show antonyms” button.
9. Specify the roots by clicking on the “Show roots” button.
10. Specify a personal example by clicking on the “Add personal example” button.
11. Specify the personal example by clicking on the “Remove personal example” button.
12. Print your custom lexicon by clicking on the “Print lexicon” button.
Plural Net Description:
Creates custom lexicon items with the possibility to specify additional words that may be used as replacements when the same word or phrase is used in the target language.
1. Go to “Lexicon” → “Add words”.
2. Enter a word, phrase or complete sentence in the text field.
3. Specify the source language by clicking on the “Source language” button.
4. Specify the part of speech by clicking on the “Part of speech” button.
5. Specify the definition by clicking on the “Definition” button.
6. Specify the pronunciation by clicking on the “Show pronunciation” button.
7. Specify the sample sentence and synonyms by clicking on the “Show samples” button.
8. Specify the antonyms by clicking on the “Show antonyms” button.
9. Specify the roots by clicking on the “Show roots” button.
10. Specify a personal example by clicking on the “Add personal example” button.
11. Specify the personal example by clicking on the “Remove personal example�

Personal Lexicon 1.3.5 Activation Code Download [Mac/Win]

Creates a custom lexicon for a selected language.
By default, it uses personal examples (it is an English dictionary)
However, you can also use any custom lexicon (I do not recommend doing that, though)
Words are edited by clicking on them
A spell checker is also used if enabled (it can be disabled)
Spell check and grammar checking are enabled if any error is found (it can be disabled)
Includes a “Quiz” feature that can generate tests for you

What’s new in this version
Added Brazilian Portuguese support
Added French support
Added German support

This application needs Java Runtime to work
Note that it is not necessary to have the same version of Java Runtime that was used to create the application (installation errors will occur)
I personally recommend installing Java Runtime version 1.4u2

How to use it
Choose “Create New Lexicon” to get started
You can use “Open” or “Download”
If “Open” is chosen, the file will be downloaded and opened
If “Download” is chosen, a sample lexicon file will be downloaded
Select your source language
Click “Start”
You will be able to choose “Edit” for your items
If you wish to download more items, click “Next”
A tree view will appear
Sort the records by category or whatever you like
Click on each of the items to edit them
Spell check and grammar checking are also possible
Click “Print” to print your items

If you do not have “Copy” selected as a permissions in “Security”, your custom dictionary will be deleted after the end of your session. You can re-import the file again by choosing “Open” and selecting the lexicon file you wish to re-import.

When you export the lexicon file as a text file, you will need to save it in a folder which is accessible to all users

How to download:
There are no downloads included

Known issues:
Most lexicon files are not being downloaded properly. Try using any different browser

You can find more information about this application in the following files:

What’s New in the?

Personal Lexicon is a high-end, handy and user-friendly application that allows you to learn a new language or perfect your grammar skills by generating custom lexicon content.
This powerful utility allows you to define, manipulate and view various word items such as pronunciation, part of speech, synonyms, antonyms, definition, personal examples and even spelling and grammar corrections.
You can add, remove and modify your content from various categories and then search for it either by typing or scanning a word list.
Your customized lexicon content is displayed in a pleasing format, allowing you to learn or review what you learned.
You can also generate custom tests or pop quizzes in different categories. To do so, just choose a category and a test format from the dropdown menu. You can also change the title, font size and other textual formatting options.
Here is the list of features offered by Personal Lexicon:


System Requirements For Personal Lexicon:

This content requires a free account.
If you already have one and need to obtain a code, click here.
From Android v5.0, your device needs to be configured with minimum 2GB RAM and 512 MB ROM.
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