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Sam Naprawiam Ford Mondeo Mk4 2007 Pl _HOT_ 🚩

Sam Naprawiam Ford Mondeo Mk4 2007 Pl _HOT_ 🚩


Sam Naprawiam Ford Mondeo Mk4 2007 Pl

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We have an asp.net application that allows us to log in to a site like this:

What we do not do is actually create the log in html file ourselves. What we do instead is steal the file from another application like this:

and just add our own name & password, like this:

We do this just so our site will appear to be the same as everyone else’s.
Even if they do not immediately notice the difference, they will notice when they go to access their account for the first time, there is nothing on the screen saying “you must have logged in before to access your account. Click here to login again”
When we first started doing this it seemed to be working just fine. But now we have noticed that when we make changes like changing the background color to red on our login page, we have people logging in that have never logged in before. So we are thinking that this maybe is actually a security vulnerability, or at least something we should look into correcting.


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