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The Best 2023 Summer Fashion Trends to Shop Now

Every year, the first few days of summer feel eternal and unfamiliar. There’s a sense that the season will never end but also that it’s never existed—as if none of us have ever felt the humid air sticking to our freckled, sunburnt skin. That sense of newness seems to apply to our wardrobes, too. The perfect summer outfit is more of a feeling than a trend, and it’s one we want to capture before the season is really in full swing.

But there will always be trends as well. https://buguru.id/ And this year, the pieces everyone wants fit into a very specific mood, at least according to Diego Abba, CEO of online Italian fashion boutique Italist. “The mood right now is hopeful but nostalgic, looking back into fashion’s archives,” he says. “There’s also a focus on quality perhaps more than quantity, comfort more than razor-sharp statement pieces.”

2023 Summer Fashion Trend: Standout Sunglasses

While Miu Miu’s most recent runway show made nerdy frames trend, the summer’s most popular look is chunkier frames that make more of a statement.

“For sure, special specs,” says Abba, trying to decide on the very first summer 2023 trend that comes to mind. “In the eyewear space, brands like Chrome Hearts, Jacques Marie Mage, Chanel Eyewear, and Cartier Eyewear are hugely popular right now, because they’re hard to find, classically styled, and less common.” The most popular sunglasses are oversize enough for a Jackie O look or bling-y enough to feel like they were picked straight out of a ’90s pap shot. And clearly, they’ll stand the test of time.

2023 Summer Fashion Trend: Metallic Footwear

When Wales Bonner released a lookbook of models wearing a metallic samba—its three classic stripes reimagined in a delicate doily-esque lace—the internet declared it the shoe of the summer. And the internet was right. When it came time for the sneakers to launch, they sold out instantly. On TikTok, unboxings of the shoe have racked up hundreds of thousands of views, with commenters willing to risk it all to get their hands on a pair.

2023 Summer Fashion Trend: ’90s Simplicity

“Evidence of minimalism appeared in the runway trends for spring-summer and fall-winter ’23, like early-’90s simplicity and sheer styles, and in the items that are trending now on Italist, with subtler logo visibility and an emphasis on classical shapes and colors,” says Abba. Examples include Prada’s 1995 bag and “stealth-wealth” brand Loro Piana, made famous for a new generation by HBO’s Succession.

The current generation’s obsession with the ’90s is no secret; it’s been a constant driver of trends for the past couple of seasons. And it isn’t hard to see why. The era’s minimal looks reflect a simplicity that feels almost entirely out of reach in a far more complex world of constantly “unprecedented times.” Dressing like a sleek Angelina Jolie in a slinky slipdress won’t help us get back there, but it at least makes us feel like part of something less anxiety-producing.

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