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The most delicious typical Cambodian food that you must try

The most delicious typical Cambodian food that you must try

A distinctive feature of Cambodia is its ancient temples. Apart from beautiful ancient temples, typical Cambodian food also has an authentic taste from ancient times. You can find various foods from beef and seafood here.

Those of you who claim to like culinary delights must try this country’s typical food. Guaranteed you will be addicted to trying this typical food from Cambodia according to orbaker’s.

1. Lok Lak

This food is made from very delicious beef with special spices. The secret to this typical Cambodian food recipe is in the marinade. Before cooking, the meat is marinated overnight with soy sauce, pepper, lemon juice and various other spices.

Because of this marinating process, the taste of the meat is very distinctive and delicious. Usually Lok Lak is served with fresh vegetables and warm rice.

2. Kampot Pepper Crabs

The next typical Cambodian food that you must try is Kampot Pepper Crabs. The main ingredient in this food is freshly caught crab. It tastes very tasty combined with typical spicy spices. Those of you on holiday at the beach in Cambodia must eat this menu.

3. Nom Banh Chok

A typical Cambodian breakfast menu that you shouldn’t miss is Nom Banh Chok. This food is made from very soft rice noodles. To add flavor, these noodles are served with bean sprouts, green fish sauce, cucumber, vegetables, and what is characteristic is banana flowers.

The taste of this food is very unique and you can’t find it anywhere else. Those of you who like it spicy can also add chili powder or chili slices.

4. Khmer Lap

Another delicious Cambodian specialty is Lap Khmer. This menu is made from beef that is sliced thinly and then cooked with typical Cambodian spices. Before cooking, the meat will first be marinated with lime juice.

Compared to Lok Lak, Lap Khmer has a stronger and spicier taste. You can eat this menu with warm rice for lunch.

5. Samlor Machu Trey

A typical Cambodian halal food that you shouldn’t miss is Samlor Machu Trey. This menu is made from fish as the main ingredient. Samlor Machu Trey is a typical Cambodian fish soup with a fresh and savory taste.

What characterizes this food is its sweet and sour sauce. You can eat it during the day when the weather is hot. Pair it with warm rice, guaranteed your tongue will definitely be pampered with this taste.

6. Prahok Ktiss

Prahok Ktiss is a typical Cambodian food from Siem Reap. You can’t eat this food on its own because it is a sauce made from fermented fish paste. In Indonesia, this food is almost similar to petis.

Usually Cambodians make it as a complement to other foods such as meat and fish.

7. Ansom Chek

This is one of the filling and healthy snacks from Cambodia. Ansom Chek is made from rice stuffed with banana. At first glance, the shape is almost the same as typical Indonesian lemper.

The taste of Ansom Chek is very unique because of the combination of savory and sweet bananas. Usually this food is used as an accompaniment to drinking coffee.

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