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Top 5 Degrees in Demand for the Future

Choosing a major is challenging, but choosing one that stands the test of time seems almost impossible. Although you probably have an idea of what you want to do, will your dream career be around 30, 20, or even 10 years from now? It’s impossible to know for sure, but there are many timeless university degrees and even newer degrees with promising futures.

Why should you get a college degree?

While you may be able to have a https://www.crossroadsfeedandseed.com/ fulfilling career without a college degree, you will not regret getting one. Even if a degree is optional for your chosen career, consider getting one anyway. Here are just a few reasons you should get a college degree.

Here are the top ten degrees in demand for the future

1. Nursing

People are living longer thanks to modern medicine. As a result, more nurses will need to care for the aging population. Preventative care is also increasing as well as an increase in chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses is expected to grow by 46% by the year 2031.

2. Electrical Engineering

Engineering is a versatile and lucrative major that encompasses several professional opportunities in many industries. Students in this in-demand STEM major often choose careers in the electrical, computer, biomedical, chemical, civil, industrial, and mechanical fields. Thankfully, the future job market for engineers is looking solid. Engineers should find success in most industries for many years to come.

3. Culinary Arts

The employment of chefs and head cooks is predicted to increase by 15% by 2031, with over 24,300 jobs expected to open in this field.

Many universities around the world offer a degree in culinary arts that will ensure you are career-ready. Here are some of the best:

As a chef in the US, you can expect to earn around USD51,995 annually or higher for those with more experience in the field.

4. Data Science

Data science careers are consistently at the top of “top jobs of the future” lists. People hoping to break into this career typically have a passion for computers, math, and data analysis. According to BLS, it is predicted that the employment growth for a data scientist is expected to increase by 35.8% by 2031, with 40,500 job openings. Nearly every industry uses data science to analyze big data, improve their business, and better serve their customers. While data gathering may become automated in the next few years, there’s still a need for experts who understand the data, can find a data-driven solution and put that solution into action. The demand for data scientists is on the rise and a top degree for our technology-driven society.

5. Information Technology

According to BLS, the employment for jobs in information technology is predicted to grow by 15 per cent by 2031, which will result in about 682,800 job openings. Those working as an information technology specialist in the US can earn up to USD44,450 annually.

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