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Top Fashion Choices of the 2011-12 TV Season

EW: Is it possible to make Nina Dobrev look bad? Probably not. But a glamorous, shimmering gown never hurts — as evidenced by this romantic number she wore to the ball earlier this season. (You know, before she became a vampire!) All the better to drive the two blood suckers in her life completely nuts.

InStyle: We couldn’t agree more! The sequins, the elaborate bodice, the layers and layers of tulle — the whole vintage find is worthy of a fairy-tale princess.

Scandal: Olivia’s Power style

EW: Crisis management expert Olivia Pope https://www.aagallery.id/ can handle any problem. But one thing that doesn’t need fixing? Her on-point, female-empowered style choices. In fact, we hope she doesn’t change a darn thing.

InStyle: We especially love Olivia’s go-to neutral color palette of pink, peach and cream, which makes her stand out in a sea of plain navy suits.

GCB: Southern best

EW: RIP GCB. And RIP Texas fashions with flare.

InStyle: If Hart of Dixie provided youthful Southern belles, these ladies were the more sophisticated versions, with hair as big as their personalities and head-to-toe coordinated outfits to boot.

Project Runway: All Stars: Austin’s glow-in-the-dark dress

EW: Austin blew us away on this All-Star season — even if the judges didn’t always appreciate him. His greatest moment? Unsurprisingly it came from a challenge that required thinking outside of the box — an Austin specialty. And this gravity-defying, twinkling work of art is as out there as they come!

InStyle: Austin’s black-tulle creation studded with little white lights was a beautiful nod to the night sky.

Pretty Little Liars: Spencer’s Masquerade dress

EW: The girls (especially Spencer!) brought their A+ fashions the night ‘A’ was revealed, and both had our jaws on the floor.

InStyle: Gossip Girl may have done a masquerade episode first, but we think Pretty Little Liars did it even better. Aria’s red-and-black-striped stunner made us swoon — almost as much as spotting Hannah and Caleb dressed as Romeo and Juliet. Ah, high school.

New Girl: Zooey’s geek chic

EW: Zooey Deschanel has delivered equal parts laughs and fashion inspir

ation this season on New Girl. And we love her for it.

InStyle: We didn’t think Jess could get any more ”adorkable” — until she debuted her tortoise Oliver Peoples glasses. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up to a book — or, you know, spontaneously break out into song — wearing a pair of specs as cute as these?

Girls: Hipster style

EW: This series might rub some the wrong way, but there’s no denying they capture ”broke Brooklynite” style pretty well. We say that un-ironically.

InStyle: This is true, but more importantly, we love how the characters embrace it. On the first episode, Hannah (Lena Dunham) says ”it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” It’s one of Dolly Parton’s most famous lines — taken right out of the Southern Barbie’s mouth into the heart of BK.

Castle: Beckett’s jackets

EW: The finale sure delivered what fans had been looking for, but Beckett’s been pleasing the fashion gods all season. Our favorite look? This hardcore orange jacket, a nice departure from her trench coat norm.

InStyle: Tangerine is the color of the year, so we like how Beckett used the shade to brighten up her wardrobe.

Downton Abbey: Lady Mary’s evening gown

EW: Something we love just as much as a proposal in the snow? Period fashions done right! And this is sooooo right.

InStyle: Agreed. It’s time to hit the vintage shops, ladies, because this is definitely what we’ll want to be wearing when some handsome lad — preferably one with a British accent — gets down on one knee.

Once Upon a Time: Evil fashions

EW: If her evil deeds weren’t enough to clue you into how wicked the Evil Queen can be, her fashions definitely provided all the visual cues you needed. Again, as if you didn’t get the message between the deception and poisoned baked goods.

InStyle: Evil, indeed, and also surprisingly fashion-forward! Did you see Regina’s super-modern high-low gowns earlier this season? You won’t see those in your copy of Grimms‘.

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