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Various Building Construction Tools and Their Functions

Various Building Construction Tools and Their Functions

trijimitraperkasa.com – Building construction tools were created and used to support construction work so that it becomes easier and faster, with quality results. The main equipment in construction work can be divided into two types, namely light and heavy construction tools. Light construction tools include jidar, stone hammer, rubber hammer, iron roskam, and trowel. Meanwhile, various types of heavy construction equipment include bulldozers, belt trucks, rollers, asphalt mixing plants and loaders.

What is meant by construction equipment?

Construction equipment is items or tools that can be used to support construction work mechanically. There are two types of building construction equipment based on their function, namely heavy equipment and light construction equipment. Heavy equipment is a tool used to handle building materials that are heavy and in large quantities. The purpose of heavy equipment is to ease the mechanical work of construction https://www.morfiargentino.net/ .

Almost all heavy equipment in construction is powered by engines. The purchase price is also expensive. Therefore, contractors usually prefer to rent heavy equipment rather than buy it. The second type of construction equipment is light construction equipment, namely work aids that are operated by hand (human power).

Various Types of Heavy Construction Equipment

Heavy equipment plays an important role in project implementation, because it makes work easier and faster. However, contractors must choose the right heavy equipment so that it does not cause losses, both in terms of finances and time.

The following are various types of heavy construction equipment based on their function:

1. Earth digging tools

Heavy equipment for digging land in construction is known as an excavator. Various types of heavy equipment that have the same function include front shovel, dragline, backhoe, and clamshell.

2. Material transport equipment

Material transport tools function to move materials from one place to another in the construction process. Examples of material transport equipment are belt trucks, wagons and cranes.

What are the light construction tools and their functions?

Types of light construction tools based on their function consist of main tools and additional tools. The main tools are special equipment used by workers so that construction can be carried out according to operational standards. Meanwhile, additional tools are used to help the work so that the quality is good.

1. Main tools

  • Jidar, functions to apply plaster evenly over the fist.
  • A stone hammer functions to break up stones or clean remaining mortar stuck to the wall.
  • Rubber hammer, used to glue light bricks.
  • Roskam, functions to apply light brick adhesive.
  • Iron roskam, functions to apply makeup and skin coats that are smooth and thin.
  • Wooden roskam, serves to apply plaster.
  • The cement spoon functions to stir the mortar, which usually consists of sand and cement or lime.
  • Trowel, functions to even out the mixture.

2. Supporting tools

  • Hand drill, functions to manually drill holes in wooden objects.
  • Measuring tool, functions to determine thickness and length measurements.
  • Unting-ung, functions as a measure of the straightness of an object, plane, formwork, and wood. For example, measuring the straightness of wooden shingles used to make a wooden fence.
  • Threads and threads function to measure the height difference between adjacent points.
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