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Ways to Ease into a Minimalist Lifestyle

Find truly effortless ideas for minimalist living. Learn how to begin a more minimalist lifestyle – and love it!

A minimalist lifestyle might not be what you think. Read on to learn more about becoming a minimalist- the easy way!

I never realized I was a minimalist. detikindonesia Honestly, I still feel like I have too much “stuff”, but I’m always purging. I tend to prefer a clutter free home, letting go of things that tend to also clutter our minds.

When I envision minimalism, I used to think modern. Reflecting on comments I receive and how I feel when our home becomes too cluttered, I realized that you can live a minimalist lifestyle with traditional taste and apparently, I’ve been doing so all along.

Minimalist Living

I’ve written about our minimalist home, minimalist seasonal decor, and making your own warm and cozy even when you’re a minimalist. You can also find all the details about our minimalist kitchen here!

Some of our minimalist living has sprouted out of need. My grandma always said “waste not, want not” and for years, it was an essential part of our lifestyle as Chris was in medical school and residency. We simply didn’t have money to spend on extras, like decor.

Creating a Minimalist Lifestyle

Rather than purchasing something to fill a space, we made a commitment to save and purchase only what we truly loved, which means that quite a few years after purchasing our home, we’re still decorating. And that’s just fine with me!

Purging is also a constant. It’s how I begin each organization project. There’s a misconception that I don’t have messy closets/spaces. I just might take a photo of what our guest bedroom has become this winter.

Start Small

This will help you make it a sustainable lifestyle instead of a phase.

Designate Space for Chaos

Nothing in our home is perfect. The basement is another example for that. You have to allow chaos to live somewhere when you have children. Or at least I do.

The basement is that one place where kids can be kids, get creative, make a mess and I don’t have to repeat myself 9 times begging them to pick it up. In fact, I rarely ask them to.

Get Everyone Involved

We try to make de-cluttering and organizing an adventure. Like “girls, you received so many great gifts at your birthday parties, wouldn’t it be fun to give some of our toys to kids who may not have very many?” They get excited to let go of their things.

I assign each kiddo a task like “collect all the markers”, “see how fast you can fill this trash bag” or “all dress up clothes in this bin”.

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